I am a contemporary figurative painter with a fascination for faces. In my work I aim to capture the underlying emotion and personality of my subjects. I paint both realistic and more whimsical faces, human and animal. Recently, a reviewer commented β€œThe character of her subjects shows through in her art ...it is like meeting new people.”

Born in the UK, I have spent most of my life in Western Australia and live on a leafy property on the edge of the forest with my husband, dog and horses. Here I am lucky to work in a quirky and characterful studio that we built from recycled materials.

After a long career in Graphic Design and Interior Design I discovered the joy of painting. I was surprised how naturally my art germinated and grew, as my drawing skills and natural instinct for colour seemed to coalesce.

My mission is to continue to experiment and grow as an artist, still alternating between different mediums to keep my work fresh and engaging.