Limited Edition Giclee Prints_Signed and Numbered

Printed using archival paper and ink. Each edition 100 prints. A3 size

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What are Giclee prints? See below gallery.

What are Giclee Prints?

A giclee (gee-CLAY) is the art produced from an image of the original piece of art using the process of reproduction from digital scans of the original art transferred to high-resolution special large format printers. The better the equipment used will produce a giclee that may look almost identical to the original piece of art.

Giclee printing is extremely versatile which allows printing on any number of media, from canvas to watercolour paper to transparent acetates. Giclees are superior to traditional lithography in several ways. The colours are brighter, last longer, and are so high-resolution that they are virtually continuous tone, rather than tiny dots. The range of colour for giclees is far beyond that of lithography, and details are crisper.

Giclees use a form of inkjet technology, which are far more sophisticated than your desktop inkjet printer. The colours cover the gamut, which is a complete subset of colours. The process employs six colours--light cyan, cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow and black--of lightfast, pigmented inks and finer, more numerous, and replaceable print heads resulting in a wider colour gamut, and the ability to use various media to print on. The ink is sprayed onto the canvas or paper, actually mixing the colour to create true shades and hues.