Where did this journey begin


How I didn’t get the pony but i did learn to draw one.

When I was a child there was something I needed SO badly, something that was missing from my life.

Yes, you have probably guessed it...a pony. It was never going to happen. Not for another 20 years in a far off land, but that is another story. So I rode my bike into the countryside to find a pony to pat and read all the pony books. For a while I mucked out a million (well it seemed like it) stables in the snow at the local riding school in return for the occasional ride on the horse that none of the paying clients wanted to get on.

When I was eight I was given a book for Christmas. "How to Draw Horses" (My brother reminded me recently that he was given "How to draw Ships"...he now has a boat) Oh those childhood influences!

So I taught myself to draw horses. I think I drew every horse in the book. My favourite was the Circus Pony with the long tail and mane. Also in the book there was a little trick where you started with 4 circles and some straight lines.

It still works.

About 15 years ago my husband came home with a box of chalk pastels as a surprise. Once again I taught myself and started doing colourful horse racing paintings. I never photographed these but kept my favourite one and gave 3 to a friend who has framed them and put them on her wall. I stopped painting after a couple of years and didn't start again until February 2017.

This time I wanted to paint human faces. I became hooked and have not looked back. But those horses worm their way in again every so often. I will always love to paint and draw them.

Oh and by the way; the next year I was given "Sketching The Ballet" You might find some dancers in my portfolio too.

Louise x

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