The Yellow Turban

The Yellow Turban


I am NEVER going to jump out of a plane! A lady at my Mother’s nursing home is about to turn 100 years old and this is how she is going to to celebrate. Personally my preference is to exit via the stairs with my legs and arms intact .

However I did once read that Capricornians are late bloomers and look old and wise when they are young and young when they are old. (I like that last bit). So lately I have been doing some “late blooming”

Last year I spent 3 days working as an extra in a feature film. It was literally the best fun ever! Some of you may know that my son-in-law is a film director/writer. He has followed his passion from a young age (not a Capricorn!) I admire his single mindedness and passion to succeed in a hugely competitive field, working from the world’s most remote capital city, Perth.

So when I saw that my daughter had put a shout out on her Facebook page for extras in his latest movie I was sad to see I was a little out of the specified age group. I sent her a sad face. “Nope.. you will be fine” was her reply and I duly signed up with the extras casting director.

The first day of filming was just down the road in the village of Darlington. I was required to sit outside the cafe and drink coffee and eat cake. Obviously, they believed in casting true to type. Then I had to walk past the female lead, a lady near my age who was carrying a Red Kelpie pup wrapped in a blanket.

‘Carol’, the lead actor, thought it looked a little odd that we did not speak as we passed, the result being that I was given 2 words to say… “Hi Carol” I am obviously a natural as I learnt my lines instantly. A promotion on my first day!

Every so often someone would come over and move a strand of my hair, dab on some blusher and ask if I wanted a coffee. I could get used to this.

The next day I had to be at The Innaloo Cinema at daybreak. My daughter, Zoe (pregnant with Indigo) was there and we had to stand either side of a red carpet while a dog walked down the centre. Our legs were famous. We then sat in the cinema and once again I was promoted to the front row, sitting next to Carol as her friend from “Dunolly” Favouritism? Of course! It pays to be nice to your Mother in Law. ;) The adult Kelpie was starring in this scene. How fascinating to see the trainers working with these talented canines.

My final day was also shot close to home in the Boya Quarry. Wore my steel caps and a reflective vest. I played a visitor to a mine site in Karratha.

By this stage you can probably guess what Australian movie this is. I had a ball and look forward to the special premiere. I know I will be horrified to see my face on a big screen…it was the taking part that was fun.

Which brings me to oil painting. When I started painting in 2017 I was very resistant to trying oils. Too messy (me and the paint), too smelly, too slow to dry etc. Fortuitously, a friend, Mary, gifted me her late Father’s oil paints. They would be easily 40 years old. I had to soak the lids in turps for 2 weeks to get them off. But lo and behold, the paint was perfect.

I painted my first oil portrait, painting by instinct. It was probably the best painting I had done at that point. But also experimenting with oils was FUN. Mary said her Dad would be thrilled that I was using his paint. I like to think he was guiding me. Now I am working on my 3rd and 4th oil paintings which I hope to show in an exhibition in December. Also in Darlington. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I may love oils.

It is never too late to let go of your pre-conceived ideas and try something new.


Louise xx


I still have some prints of ‘The Yellow Turban’ available, after selling some at my exhibition. If you would like to buy one email me at or via the contact page.