Exhibitions and Fabulous Friends

Guidford Potters


When I started painting in February 2017 it did not occur to me that I would ever be organising a solo exhibition.

Hey, I was just happy that I had finally picked up a paintbrush. A new friend, Gina had introduced me to an on-line painting course with the delightful artist and mentor Kara Bullock. I loved what Gina was achieving and thought “why not?”

Those first few months I would get up in the morning, look at what I had painted the day before and think “Did I do that?”

Friends started asking me when I would be holding an exhibition and I laughed and thought how kind they were.

Meanwhile the paintings started to take over the house. We built the studio and the paintings rapidly filled all the available space. The time had come to launch my art in to the world outside Mahogany Creek.

Another friend, Jo (I have fabulous friends) told me about a small gallery in the middle of the charming historical town of Guildford. We went to have a look..it was not too daunting and we both booked exhibitions.

This was at the end of last year and July 2019 was a just vague suggestion in my future. All of a sudden it was coming close and just when I started to stress a little (what me? stress?)……

… Another fabulous friend appeared. Nikki is a long time friend of my daughter, Zoe and when I bumped into her at an event she asked me some pertinent questions about my exhibition. Questions to which my answers were basically “mmm, dunno, not sure” She then informed me that she would be happy to curate the exhibition for me.

Yay!! Better than birthdays, chocolate, small kittens and green boots. To have the help of someone with excellent entrepreneurial skills and lots of experience in curation is the best thing ever.

So this week Nikki and I had a meeting at her light and plant filled urban oasis. I came away feeling excited, motivated and believing that the exhibition will be both fun and successful. I so hope you will pop in. Click on the Exhibition tab in the navigation panel for more information.

Louise x

Guildford Village Potters' Club was started in 1981 and is now situated in the old policeman's house in Guildford's historical courthouse precinct (which also houses the Swan Valley Tourism Office).

Source: https://guildfordpotters.webs.com