My Happy Place


A recycled art studio

It is every artist's dream to have their own studio.

A door to close at the end of the day. No cleaning up.
No emergency floor clean-ups half way through the painting session.

Last year I was lucky enough to achieve this dream.
As some of you already know, we live on 3 acres with ridiculously large and beautiful trees.
The spot we found for the studio sits between Jacarandas, Liquid Ambers, a Golden Elm and an ancient Cypress pine.
It was not our first quirky building project and we had already developed our building style.

This style is based on recycling as many materials as possible. 
For the studio we collected gorgeous Art Deco lead-light windows and doors.
A friend donated a stunning front door complete with colourful stained glass magpies...perfect for our property.

The Piece De Resistance was the huge arched jarrah window, rescued from the old bakery in the seaside town of Mandurah. Also known as "The Husband Killer"... over 3 metres wide and quite a challenge to move!

Furnished with vintage pieces. One of my favourite things is the chandelier adorned with tiny brass squirrels. I have eclectic taste!

*Charcoal drawing of my daughter, Zoe on the easel.

I LOVE my studio!
It is definitely my "Happy Place"
Flooded with natural light and echoing with bird song.
Lucky me.

Louise x

P.S. Would you be interested in a visit to my studio? Please email me if you are interested: